Chinese Medicine Physician Approved Detox Programs

Chinese Medicine Physician Approved Detox Programs

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Welcome to Zen Alive

We specialize in helping anyone struggling with hormonal imbalances, digestive issues

(i.e. bloating), skin issues (i.e. eczema, psoriasis, acne) and other illnesses

(resulting from excess toxins in system).

At Zen Alive, our mission is to empower people to take control of their health through evidence-based detox protocols and holistic education. Lead by Daniela Donoso, our Chinese Medicine Physician, Acupuncturist and Herbalist. We create personalized detox programs that combines Chinese Medicinal wisdom with modern science.

Our team of health coaches, dietitians, and acupuncturists guide clients through customized cleanses targeting the liver, kidneys, gut, and more to reduce toxins, balance hormones, improve digestion, boost energy levels, and support overall wellness.

We educate and encourage our community to embrace preventative self-care through herbal supplements, therapeutic diets, stress reduction techniques, movement therapies, and other holistic modalities. Our goal is to help everyone tune into the innate healing potential within their bodies.

If you’re seeking a transformative detox experience or simply curious to learn more about whole-body wellness, contact us today. We offer virtual and in-person programs, metabolic testing, private consultations, and a wealth of educational resources to support you on your health journey.

You deserve health and vitality.

If you are trying to Heal Bloating, Skin Issues, and Eliminate Infections (UTI's, Bad Bacteria, Parasites, Worms) then we can definitely help you.

We are awesome at All-Inclusive Detox Programs (with Supplements, Guidance, Meal Recipes, Community Support)... Delivered to Your Door.


By profession, Daniela is a Chinese Medicine Physician (having gone to Medical School in Shanghai and also in Spain.. and practiced at the Hospitals in Shanghai).

Daniela (Chinese Medicine Physician) is originally from Venezuela, she became fascinated with Naturopathy since an early age.

She brings a unique combination of Detoxing and Chinese Medicine together to produce lasting results.

Work History:

Daniela's had a client/ patient practice for nearly a decade now.. supporting her patients through a range of illnesses.

She has had a unique opportunity to learn directly from some of the world's top Chinese Medicine Doctors (directly during her practice in the Shanghai Hospitals and Medical School period). Daniela has sat in their consultations, and supported treatments for their clients.

Plus to date, she has been facilitating Group Detox Programs (week after week) for about 4 years now, serving hundreds of participants (thousands if counting her lifetime).

Other Info about Daniela:

  • Personally has written articles in Medical Journals

  • Regularly delivers lectures in Retreats/ Workshops

  • Raised by a Health Nut Mom 😅

Daniela's Story

Daniela's first detox was when she was 3 years old (Parasite Cleanse), and since then she's tried and tested almost any type of detox passionately imaginable.. and it all started the day her mom's Doctor said:

“There’s Nothing We Can Do”

Here's Daniela's story, in her own words:

When I was 15 years old, my whole family was suffering from different health conditions like depression, Irritable bowel syndrome, obesity and psoriasis. My mom suffered from Fibromyalgia. Having constant aches, pains, fatigue, sleep and mood issues -- on some days she couldn't get out of bed.

It hurt me to see her like this. Naturally, she was desperate to find a solution that her doctors didn't have. Her doctors had a sentence my mom didn't like to hear: "there's nothing we can do".

My mom wanted a fast and simple way that can treat us all. She had been trying to heal herself since the 1980s (and later our conditions - mine, 2 sisters and my dad) with no luck.

Daniela's Story

Until she found a Detox program that made wild 'hard to believe' claims about what detoxing the body can do. And how the root of almost ALL illnesses originated from Toxins in your Vital Organs (Liver, Kidneys and/ or Gut) --- especially since your Vital Organs is your body's "Natural Detox Center" responsible for over 500 processes in the body.

Desperate for help. She gave it a shot and made us all do it. Naturally, we dreaded it at first - until I realized my allergies were gone.

Personally, I was suffering from fatal allergies with daily symptoms; living with a constantly stuffed nose, constant sneezing, Tonsillitis every 2 week, chronic fatigue, bad breathing quality, swollen and itchy eyes.

Following my first flush, it felt like life came back into my body no more stuffy nose, now I could feel the fresh air through my nostrils nourishing my lungs; and my eyes stopped being itchy. What a bliss! What a great first time doing as a family, where we could share our experiences.

My whole family (my mom, dad, and 3 sisters) saw significant improvements, after the Liver & Gallbladder flush. Two of my sisters completely healing their conditions. What a great first time doing it as a family, where we could support each other and share our common experiences.

From there on, I've done a Cleanse every single year for the last 15 years. It also inspired me to go to Medical School for Chinese Medicine, and dedicate my life to helping others improve their health… even when it’s hard to see the light, and even when it feels impossible to heal.

You could be just one detox away.

Clarity is the key to success in any Health Program

.. which is why we provide All-Inclusive Detox Programs (with Supplements Delivered, Guidance, Meal/ Juice Recipes, Community Support).

We have everything you need to help you start detoxing asap (with minimal planning/ organizing required on your part), so you can make progress immediately making progress towards your health goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our detox programs:

When will I receive my bundle? 

It depends on your location, in some locations we have fast delivery (for example, USA, Canada, Bali are normally within 48 hours). If delivery to your location is longer, I’ll be happy to adjust the dates for you — so you can start after receiving the bundle.The important thing is to make progress to towards your health goals, and get started.

Can I just join and purchase my ingredients locally?

Yes, in this case you only need the coaching package. Daniela will guide you on what to purchase. If an ingredient isn’t available in your local shops, Daniela will share with you equally effective ingredients that can replace it. 

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Špela Urbanc

Everything was taken care of. Daniela was always available and held the space beautifully, the meals were delivered to my door We had a beautiful opening and closing ceremony where all the needed information was provided and we also get to share our experience with the group. It was a deep releasing experience for me, physically and emotionally, at the end, I released a bunch of gallstones from my gallbladder and cleaned my colon, I received so much useful information. Thank you Daniela for leading us through this detox and for your beautiful, grounded, and supportive energy.

George Lantay

I had a supper significant experience, there were very significant psychological energetic shifts that happen. I feel the energy in my body have more flow and really be who I am a lot more, if was definitely a transformational experience. Didn’t have to be worry about logistic, she was always taking care of us, she was right there if I need it something or had a Question. I am supper Grateful for this Experience !!


I like the organization group structure. I learned that there is so much in my body that I don’t understand, like these stones that have been inside you for years. I Found really amazing we are able to release this. I see how after releasing the stones it seems I have released a lot of anger and now seem to feel very calm. I feel that I’ve to release physically but also energetically. I appreciate the company and support is a really good system and framework well put together.



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