Chinese Medicine Physician Approved Detox Programs

90-Minute Chinese Medicine Consultation
Via Zoom Video-Call

Each Chinese Medicine Consultation includes:

✨ Full Body Diagnosis

✨ Herbs prescriptions based on your needs

✨Clear Step-By-Step Treatment Plan (Based on Your Check Up & Diagnosis)

✨ Report

(normally takes me a couple hours to do after your session.. will be delivered to you in a few days)

We’ll also cover

Diet & Nutritional Plan

, specifically needed for your personal case


Acupressure Points: This session encompasses using meridian point activations. Relieve pain, ease nausea, sleep better with acupressure! 5000 yr old healing art uses finger pressure on key points to release tension, improve circulation, reduce headaches and more.

✅ Drug-free pain relief. ✅ Promotes relaxation. ✅ Treats digestion, anxiety, insomnia issues. ✅ Restores balance naturally.

Each consultation is

$159 USD

… and if you’d like to upgrade to a detox program after the consultation, you’d get a discounted price

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